Learning alone, devastation of separation

I’m here writing this, tear struck, eyes swollen, shirt wet from the constant flow of a salty stream. My head is pounding and it feels like something is trying to pull my eyes back into my skull with a twist and grind, makes every sound piercing and movement undesirable. A harsh reality has sunk in … Continue reading Learning alone, devastation of separation


Tell Me

Now is now Time is time Here and there What is why Tell me Tell me the good things Stories of pasts Hopes of futures Wishing and wanting Hindsight is daunting Easy to judge And wish back To Change the pack... Tell me Desperation in eyes Memories made Hearts in chains Broken by a million … Continue reading Tell Me

Time Tears

Bound by chains of guilt In permanence of self State of being A state of mind Distorting Encrypted with illusion Desperation, devastation Controlling a crippled movement Screams within soul From anguish to anger Making a spider shattered vase Start expanding beyond whole As time tears takeover Leaking through Cracks and caverns Of a once solid … Continue reading Time Tears