And so I do pray With bent callus knees Our father who art in Heaven... Please see me through another day Help me maintain the facade Of normality and sane Help me walk tall smile in the frame Keep me like human Play the rules by the game Don't let me fail Melt into despair … Continue reading Shadows



Bound by chains of guilt In permanence of self State of being A state of mind Distorting Encrypted with illusion Desperation, devastation Controlling a crippled movement Screams within soul From anguish to anger Making a spider shattered vase Start expanding beyond whole As time tears takeover Leaking through Cracks and caverns Of a once solid … Continue reading Seared


Swift light flicker Hear her dance A sweet sing song more than chance Warnings given Thick and fast As Selkies motions Begin to cast Silver trail Whips and winds Coaxing calling Risk the line Dare you follow Sirens, vixen and White witch Deadly bound, entwined likely strip you rich A tempt trap Draws and keeps … Continue reading Enchant


Swaying, swooning  Steps a dance  Sex on legs  Draws a trance  Tips and toes  Cause a trip A breath grabbed moment  A side step glimpse  Ground garments fall Undressed by eyes Naked leaving Mesmerised  Chiseled and crowned  Curves and cuts Strength to withstand  Agree to Lust  Elixir drops  Tempt and tease  Dripping, a call Begging … Continue reading Sensual


It's like lightning just hit A heart stopping crack A prickle, a pop Makes you feel fried Electric, alive Don't touch Just Breath... Run, run till legs can't carry Make lungs scream! Run until hurt and beyond Until sweat stings your eyes And another worlds dreamed Run ... just Breath A touch, a caress Makes … Continue reading Breath

On and on

Motivations wane and wax Step up move on fore Burns and brazes drag  Leaving with desire I lack Boxes built up to climb Asked to fill With contents struggle too find Contain emptiness, mush Come on now just trust self  Made sound so easy  Second guess bad for health Boxes fall Running to pick  Puzzle … Continue reading On and on