And so I do pray
With bent callus knees
Our father who art in Heaven…
Please see me through another day

Help me maintain the facade
Of normality and sane
Help me walk tall
smile in the frame
Keep me like human
Play the rules by the game

Don’t let me fail
Melt into despair
Save me from clutches of
The north west madness
Where corrosion eats deep
And more becomes less

Recover my trail
With footprints named real
Don’t let the bloodstain
Tear streaked tracks
Be revealed

As I walk through the valleys
The shadow of death
I try to become
not the fear and evil
Who will soul-suck your breath

The anger the anguish
Takes hold with no reason
Rides up from the depths
Against all it should not
Turns into treason

From unknown territory

In desperation I pray
For saving from self
Prayer is illusion
Placebo effect


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