Swift light flicker

Hear her dance

A sweet sing song

more than chance

Warnings given

Thick and fast

As Selkies motions

Begin to cast

Silver trail

Whips and winds

Coaxing calling

Risk the line

Dare you follow

Sirens, vixen and White witch

Deadly bound, entwined

likely strip you rich

A tempt trap

Draws and keeps

Worth the risk

Blind man trips

Saunters and swoons

Playful grin

Leaps and swings

Claim you Kin

Wind swept hair

Earthed and free

Glitter spark eyes

Lure you, me

Bounty lust

Finger trace


Spine laced

Suck you deep

Draw your breath


Smile the death

Fingers follow

Kiss of neck

Lust filled

Loosing check

Melt into

Whispers sing


Worth a whim

Selkie, siren

Vixen, witch

All entwined

To Rogue eye keep



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