White Rabbit


Hop skip jump 

Rabbit drumming 

Bound and thump

Look the time

Look the time

Clock tock tick

Frantic running flurry 

Mission bound

Fill, hour glass is falling

Fuck this time 

It’s always in a hurry

Tunnels and trails

Demons lurk 

With witches follow

Tie terror too your tail

Hard and fast

Hump and puff

Will go till 

Ends all last


Trip and fumble

Hole sounds deep

How can Alice 

Throw you in a tumble

Spin and stagger

Vortex of torture 

Emotion roller coaster

Bumped and bruised

But on to go

Cause tough is a solder 

Alice naive and sweet

Temp trap

Siren of the deep

Drink me

Elixir, Ha!

prisoner to keep

Rabbit play dead

Trick to keep

As magic may make her falter

Tricks and muse 

way to win 

Call her bluff 

Who will lose 

Only time will be the holder 

Burrow is deep


Does it matter

When they say

Divine is meant intervention 

So if you like

I can fall in hand

And tumble through the slumber 

Cause I can be 

As mad as he

The hatter whose the chosen number 

by CJ


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