Spirit Rape 


Stalling, stomped and stricken 

Heavy shoulders 


Bend and wane 

Limbo to pressure 

Knees falling to the calling 


Stripped and lashed

Naked I stand

Invisible blood pooling

Grin for your muse 

Legs ripped out 

As malice strike smiling 


Burnt by burden 

Pressures to preform 

They take and take 

Like never ending fountain 

Dripping till drained 

Ring till dry

How long to fake?

Before pain overtake


Pushed and pulled

Come here, go away

Now, later?

Right, wrong?

Emotion ocean wreak 

Teased to stay

Told to let go

Cruelness of fate

I’ll stand in the corner 

Told to wait

As despise turns to hate 


Despair, devastated 

Control of self feels stolen 

Just puppets on strings

Made together dance 

A Tease, a tempt, a torture 

Raping our souls 

Game she loves to play 

Voodoos and witches

Spirits and stalkers

They suck and devour 

Haunt and leave daunted 

Please remove this encounter  

Once was so strong 

Love bound beyond 

Now strained and torn

Frayed and fractured 

Because we are 

Just pawns in your plan

Use and take 


Two being becoming 

Devoid of self 

Is there any hope 

As we try to break the molding

Stay with me…  

if nothing else is worth holding 


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