Swaying, swooning 

Steps a dance 

Sex on legs 

Draws a trance 

Tips and toes 

Cause a trip

A breath grabbed moment 

A side step glimpse 

Ground garments fall

Undressed by eyes

Naked leaving


Chiseled and crowned 

Curves and cuts

Strength to withstand 

Agree to Lust 

Elixir drops 

Tempt and tease 

Dripping, a call

Begging to please

Nibbles, a grind

Quick tongue by 

Submit, easy 

No need to try

Grip and grab

Hands through hair

Drawn together

Entangled in pair 

Wet and teased 

Lick of lips

Fingers follow 

Pull at hips

Cum with me 

Withstand the ride

Stop the clock

Flow with tide

Ecstasy drawn

A drug some lack

Love it now 

Wont turn back 

Smile turned

Taste to keep

Memories made 

Bliss dreams, sleep 



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