It’s like lightning just hit

A heart stopping crack

A prickle, a pop

Makes you feel fried

Electric, alive

Don’t touch

Just Breath…

Run, run till legs can’t carry

Make lungs scream!

Run until hurt and beyond

Until sweat stings your eyes

And another worlds dreamed

Run … just Breath

A touch, a caress

Makes soul melt

Dripping with hope

Reality unfelt

Absorbed into… Breath

Piercing eyes

Blue, deep, wise

Grab by the throat

Stick in like a knife

Look away quick

Or no turning back…

Just Breath

A deluded fate

Of times gone by

Please, please stop still

Can hours just wait?

Running and chasing

Will not catch up

I pleaded time

But it won’t turn back…


Hold out hands

Can reach, grab quick

Hold on tight

By the fingertips

Stretching apart

Nearly, so close

Like the never ending knots

On lines of eternity

Just Breath

Understood not by self

Fractures formed

Worlds shattered, melt

Clutch my soul

Save from guilt

Be myself, become whole

must be rebuilt

Because now is now

To take control



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