On and on

Motivations wane and wax

Step up move on fore

Burns and brazes drag 

Leaving with desire I lack
Boxes built up to climb

Asked to fill

With contents struggle too find

Contain emptiness, mush
Come on now just trust self 

Made sound so easy 

Second guess bad for health

Boxes fall
Running to pick 

Puzzle bits back

Will stand another lick

Try I might
Snake skin strip 

change is now

Stand against another whip 

Coil I’ll strike
Dreams of devour

Continue again 

Soon I will gain the hour

Slow it may be
Pressures build

And time clocks tock

Boxes milled

I’m trying to tick 
The guts and blood

Will bring scars 

this fear irrelevant 

As the fire will char
I will stand by me

Continue, continue 

Even though you all may flee

I will get there if die trying

You’ll see… 
By CJ 


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