Tell Me

Now is now
Time is time
Here and there
What is why
Tell me
Tell me the good things

Stories of pasts
Hopes of futures
Wishing and wanting
Hindsight is daunting
Easy to judge
And wish back
To Change the pack…
Tell me

Desperation in eyes
Memories made
Hearts in chains
Broken by a million waves
Of emotion, relentless
Worn away
Scars kept raw
movement a pain untold
I will listen till no more
Tell me

Hard to reckon
Litost of self
Soul search
Measures taken
Try to recover
Pull from the drowning
worth the effort?
Tell me

Tell me, tell me the good things
What made you take that breath
Kept on swimming
Walked that step
Got up this morning
Stood up tall
Refused to fall
Tell me

Was it
The suns rise forming
itch to feel the earth
Magpies calling
A Woman’s worth
To never give in
The desire to win
Or where the day may take us
Grateful makes greatness
You are never being ignored

So tell me …
Tell me the good things



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