Tail of Farrier and Ringer



The Sisters grim

Were nowhere to be seen

While offsiders the Chiro and Farrier

Were Sweating and Sweltering

And Glistened with a sheen

Part 1 (CJ)

Ahhh, woe is me…

What I would give for the shade of trees

With the sweat dripping off and the blood turning hot

Ring of the anvil, heat of the fire, a tear in the eye

Morrow will come and so will the sun

I will be paid in blood, sweat and tears

Looking on with a smile as I watch that girl cry

Part 2

Sun slowly arose, So did the heat

Smile did creep as I knew

Pounds would be paid by live meat

Misty morning grew

Snorts and stamps of The Gallops

Left some in a stew

Hearts pounding hard, burn of the deep… Breath

Sweat and wet, walk it off

Stand up tall, head to the stall

My time is neat, so forge and anvil are called to stand

Today will travel with tongs and hammer in hand

And in comes my wager…

A rasp swinging Wench

With eyes like a laser

May be a bit harsh

But if not kept in line

The cuts are as deep as a double edge razor

Part 3

Music starts to play, count me it

Take the steps 1,2,3

Let the foxtrot and swing begin

Might stick to the waltz

As we try to convince and coerce

Those nippy bastard colts

The sweet smelling mares

Ant much better so it do seem

With a squeal, a kick and flick of the tail

That hits and whips with a bite like a bee

Now the tame young gelding

Around him is a pleasure

He will stand, be told and mount up to the measure

(well most times… but to keep with the story, we say it be true)

The wicked eyed Lass turns with a grin

As says to dear Farrier

“Here look at him, maybe all fellers should be geldings.”

As she swings her knifes in the air

He walks of quickly with a squirm and states it’s not fair

And says “not I little Rat, get back in your box

Or you’ll be the one running.

“Quick, shoes getting hot!”

Part 4

So the day melts by

Mirage and waves bounce off the surface

Dream of the creek

Heat is merciless

Humidity it thick

Has a soul sapping grip

But there’s work to be done

“Here’s some cement,

So suck it up Hun”

Pounding the hammers

Take rhythm with hearts

Tongs and shoes are extension of arms

Work in unison, work as one

Dead Ringers in mind

To produce real art

Sweat dripping, sweet smelling

The glisten and sheen

On muscles and skin

It’s more than a spin

A sight for sore eyes

Nice to be seen

Salt…mmmm, lick your lips

Pungent and strong

A memory for keeps

Strong and willing some may say

Heart of stone that can’t betray

It’s the quiet ones you need to watch

Walks with purpose

Enough to make any heart stop

Broken and bent

Nothing fire can’t fix

And she has broad shoulders

Can take another hit

So this day draws to an end

Till tomorrow again

Sun will creep

So will the heat

Smile will peep

As I know pounds will be again paid by live meat

By CJ and SF


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