On my knees 

Gasping for air 

Been hit for six 

Questioning what’s fair 

As the waves pound over

Im going under…

Tiny dancer 

Oh dressed so fine 

Lace spun trim 

On a white gown

Dancing on ledges 

On mountains so high

Leaping, bounding

Spinning through time

Hair so blond 

Nearly platinum you’ll find

With a metallic glint 

Will catch your eye 

Leaving you dazzled 

For a moment

As she skips by 

The ship is sinking

White knuckles hold on

Captain calls orders 

To stay aboard 

Insanity taken over

The cliffs up ahead

I’d rather die trying

Than another fish fed

Jump off the bow

With Captain 

Hollerin’ and cursing’

I’ll never be forgiven 

But the cliffs are a certain

Up I do climb 

Feverish and fast 

Trying too drown out

As screams echo past

Tiny dancer

Oh dresses so fine 

She whispers and saunters 

A touch to your heart 

Leaves you wondering 

Wanting more of the spark

She rides on your shoulders 

Weightless and fearless

Gently a guide 

Nibbles your ear lobes

Ruffles your stride

Little Rogue will say yes 

And you could never say no

Sweat from the ocean 

Sweat from the pain 

Dripping and drenched 

Salt stinging wet 

Keep climbing up

Don’t stop 

moving forwards

Fingers torn open

Feet ripped apart

No turning back now

Dig out my heart

You stood up above 

Got down low 

And lent over 

Offer a hand 

That would bring me to safety 

I look up through the tears 

And deluding pain

Can’t grab the lifeline

For fear I’ll be found

Little tiny dancer

Guides you down

To take each grab 

Each foot hold 

Until beside me you hang 

On the cliffs of insanity 

A friend or a foe 

It didn’t matter

I need to get to the top

And you offered a ladder 

Turns out tiny dancer

Little Rogue 

Has her tricks 

Woven and weaved

Till we are joined at the hip

Intertwined together

Lace bound forever

To safety you could drag me,

What strength comes from that

So instead your beside me

With a laced crown on your back

Said here I’ll show you

Side by side we now climb

I look you over

See you bleeding, flesh tearing

This journey of mine 

Toll taken on you

Yet you brush it by

Say I’m am here 

And will not let you slide

Because lace bound

We’re joined 

It can’t be untied

She rides on your shoulders 

Your heart of a Giant 

This tiny dancer

With the Roguish white hair

Kismet has chosen 

You are the Divine 

Nibbles your ear

Ruffles your stride

She tells you yes

You will never say no

So here I am, 

standing between now and forever…

never alone

For beside me 

A Lace guided heart 

Stands firm 

This triangle of three 

Cannot come apart

by CJ


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