Time Tears


Bound by chains of guilt

In permanence of self

State of being

A state of mind


Encrypted with illusion

Desperation, devastation

Controlling a crippled movement

Screams within soul

From anguish to anger

Making a spider shattered vase

Start expanding beyond whole

As time tears takeover

Leaking through

Cracks and caverns

Of a once solid vessel

Now unable to hold

So I am here

Between now and forever

Perspiration from today’s toils

Left a salt licked line

In lacerations of time

Wounds left raw

Untreated to scar

Stretching to heal

Makes the pain set real

Sunset made golden

Reality surreal

As thunder calls her

Out on the hills

A rumbling whisper

Of sirens awaken

Resistance beyond this will

There is yet hope

As the storm roles in

Promising deliverance

If willing to give

Raindrops are forming

Bringing steady rhythm

Stand in skin clothes


The wet, the dripping

Caresses and lures

Trickle off hair tips

Down past lips

Waterfall off neck

Into plateau of shoulders

Meander the valleys

through mountains

And plains

Snake trace down back

Pool lakes on belly

For an instants before

Rushing to hips

Follow cut of buttocks

To Trickle down thighs

Finish at toes

Sink deep in the mud

Unable to stand

Unable to run

Cupped by hands

Fingers spread

Trying to catch

All the shards falling

Exposing the centre

Still cupped hands are holding

Grasping and grappling

The soft flesh molding, melting, escaping

Acid rain is burning

Healing begin

Quarter the flesh

Melt the shell back into one

But the anger still burning

Just Volcano in dormant

Rain just a means

To try and control it



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