By You


I think, think I’m deluded

Mesmerised, stupefied

By you

Caught in two dimensions

Being partly sucked into

Then spat out

Only to repeat over again

Like tasting a sour grape

Misconceptions are a dangerous place

They grab you

By by the neck

Noose contacting throat

Join to hands behind back

Fallen to knees

To expose a vulnerable heart

Now the talons move in for easy fill

Arms length I am held

By you, by me

A form of protection

Be careful

Turns into deception

Arms length I am held

By you, by me

Makes easy desertion

bound by confusion

Torn by two realities

Of life now lived

And desire to be

In make believe

Clinging onto unmade promises

Let’s the brain swing wild

With hopes that cannot form

Leads to a hoax

That’s hijacked the mind

Turning mounds into mountains

Flies into fairies

Lust into love

Now into forever

Am I turning you

Into something your not?

I think, think I’m deluded, mesmerised, stupefied

By you

Written by CJ


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